A mere 1.4km from Campôme is the charming little spa town of Molitg-les-Bains. Molitg offers nature lovers an astonishingly varied landscape with the deep gorges of the Castellane River, and a plateau which reaches an altitude of 1,000m.


Far from the hassle of mass tourism, a visit to Molitg will provide you with a real taste of freedom and culture. Palm trees and laurels shade its footpaths. On the high grounds cattle graze the fragrant grass. The sunny valley, with its many terraces built on the slopes to create as much arable land as possible, attests to the region's vibrant rural history. Ancient walls, stony paths and irrigation canals follow the contours of the hills. Climbing through warm clearings and a valley of granite boulders, you can see the distant vineyards of the Corbières on white chalk terraces.


The Romanesque stone church was completed in the 12th century. It was enlarged in the 17th and 18th centuries with lateral chapels. It contains beautiful stained glass and baroque statues. The outside wall which protected the castle and its former chapel, ran between four defence towers - the only remaining one is now the church tower.


Two fortresses were built in Molitg and still remain:


· the fortress of Paracoll with its Romanesque chapel clings to the top of a granite hill above the gorges of the Castellane.

· the castle next to the village church is mentioned in 1024 in a deed to the Abbey of St Martin du Canigou.


The luxurious spa facilities and the charming village offer a variety of activities. Some people opt for the swimming pools of the spa while others prefer the relaxing atmosphere of the village where children can roam freely and safely.


The spa waters of Molitg-les-Bains are rich in sulphur and sodium as well as fresh water plankton. The many qualities of the waters have been recognised by health professionals for the treatment of respiratory, rheumatic and skin disorders. Anyone can benefit from the riches of these waters. Whether you require specific medical treatment or simply a holiday for mind and body, the spa will revive your spirits and rejuvenate your body more than any health farm. The centre caters for both families and individuals.


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