4km from Campôme, as you head towards the Col de Jau, is the medieval town of Mosset. Formerly on the border of the kingdoms of France and Aragon, Mosset is now classified as one of France’s Most Beautiful Villages.


In the past, Mosset was situated below the present village between the Corbiac monastery (a 13th century Romanesque church) and the hamlet of Brèzes, family birthplace of the lords of Mosset. Later, for reasons of security, the population gathered at the summit of a rocky outcrop around the castle. To these rich remains of a glorious past kept behind walls, Mosset adds the beauty of its flora and wildlife.


You can visit the church of St Julien and its bell tower, the ramparts, towers and walkways of the old castle. Other ‘musts’ are the Capelleta, a restored chapel, the narrow streets, the gateways, and the spring-water fountains. You will also discover in the interactive museum of La Tour des Parfums, the aromas and fragrances of the Castellane valley.


Seduced by the vitality of the village, the warm welcome of the Mossétans, the richness of the culture and heritage and the presence of many artists, you would certainly wish to spend time here.


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