France’s Most Beautiful Villages


‘Les plus beaux villages de France’ (France’s Most Beautiful Villages) is the trade mark of an association which was created in 1982 by Charles Ceyrac, the mayor of a small and beautiful village in the centre of France. He observed that some of the villages of France had been spared uncontrolled urban development and remained protected. He wanted to combine the energy of their inhabitants to protect and develop their villages in a proper way.

The association aims to preserve these villages as places of excellence, and to enhance their identity and diversity. To qualify, a village has to have fewer than 2000 residents and must satisfy some 27 criteria of a quality charter covering:


· Value and diversity

· Quality of architecture, town planning and environment

· A common dedication to excellence by the municipality, shopkeepers and residents.


To date, 146 villages are part of the association and are allowed to use the trademark. The association controls village renovation plans and development. Every 5 years, a new experts meeting confirms or cancels the classification of each village.


Visitors to Campôme are fortunate that three qualifying villages are within easy reach:


· Mosset - 4km

· Eus - 10km

· Villefranche-de-Conflent - 16km




Campôme Village


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